Mujeres Podridas: demo cassette



Debut 4 track of raw, yet catchy Punk from Austin, TX. This meets somewhere between 80's Spanish punk like Descheables or Ultimo Resorte, but mixed with the sound we have come to expect from Austin. Members of Kurraka, Deskonocidos, etc... Limited to 100 copies/Pro tapes.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new Texas band that features at least half of Criaturas. You’ll recognize Dru’s voice immediately if you’ve heard that band (she also sings for Kurräka), but Mujeres Podridas are a very different band. It seems like this band is a deliberate attempt to slow things down from Criaturas’ blistering pace and do something a little more traditionally punk sounding. The tempo sticks closer to the UK82 template, giving the riffs a little more space to breathe and room for the band to lock into a heavier groove. The lead guitar is also super cool, a little more straightforward and melodic and less shred-y than the solos in Criaturas, but carrying the songs in a similarly powerful way. These folks in a million bands and definitely know how to write a punk tune, and this demo has four smashers. I can’t wait to hear more!
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended texas yoobl