Doxx: II cassette



Killer demo cassette from this punk band out of Ottawa, Canada.

Our take: Cassette EP from this band out of Ottawa, Canada. They have a really interesting sound that straddles a bunch of different lines. The music sits on the fine line between punk and hardcore in an interesting way, a little too catchy to be pigeonholed as straightforward hardcore, but at the same time making use of elements of hardcore--like the occasional breakdown and a gritty but not metallic guitar sound--that keep it from fitting neatly into any micro-subgenre. And then there are the vocals, which also cast a wide net from desperate shouting to more of a snotty, sarcastic tone that might betray a subtle Bikini Kill influence. While it's not really indicative of their own songwriting style, I think my favorite moment on this tape is their cover of "I Am a Poseur," which answers the burning question, "what would it sound like if the Cro-Mags covered X-Ray Spex?"
Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk recommended ushc yoobl