Necromancy:  In the Eyes of Death 12"

Necromancy: In the Eyes of Death 12"

Tags: · 80s · black metal · death metal · hcpmf · reissue · reissues
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Finally resurrected from grimy cassette and committed to vinyl for the first time ever, this 1986 demo session features five cuts of vicious, primordial death thrash in the vein of early Bathory, Slaughter and Sodom. Lurching between supremely heavy, burly midtempo churn and ripping bursts of high-velocity mayhem, 'In the Eyes of Death' is a crucial piece in the evolution of Canadian extreme metal. Cut loud at 45, plus insert with liner notes and unseen photos. Limited to 500 copies.

Our take: Urbain Grandier Records brings us another slice of raw and nasty underground metal from 80s Canada, this time the five-song 1986 demo from Hamilton’s Necromancy. Necromancy is raw, kind of sloppy, and evil as fuck… everything you want from an underground metal obscurity like this. Necromancy pulls from a lot of different corners of the underground metal scene. One part might remind you of early Celtic Frost’s primitive grandiosity, but a split-second later they’re into some falling-apart blasting like early Sodom or Kreator at their most feral and unhinged. While songwriting this varied might come off as awkward in different hands, Necromancy seems so committed to their aim of manifesting pure evil that it comes off, making for a unique and powerful (albeit beautifully primitive) demo. As with Urbain Grandier’s other reissues, the packaging offers some cool artwork, archival material, and liner notes, but for the full story you’ll need to refer to the excellent Eve of Darkness tome.