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Pullover: Forever cassette

Pullover: Forever cassette

Tags: · 20s · dream pop · indie · north carolina
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Charlotte, North Carolina dream pop quintet Pullover is set to release their second album Forever available February 7th, 2020 via Self Aware Records.

Pullover began in 2013 as a freewheeling side project between longtime friends Phil Pucci and Alex Smith. Originally performing under the name Melt, the band changed its name and amended its lineup recently to include Caiti Mason, Nicholas Holman and Brooke Weeks.

With Forever, the group sought to create an album that is more deliberate and infectious than its garage rock predecessor (Repossession Blues). The guitar and synth-drenched album is underscored by hazy pop melodies. Sparkling, psychedelic effects layer on top of one another to create a smoky atmosphere underneath singer and guitarist Phil Pucci’s urgent vocals.

Being unhurried and intentional about their music means Pullover’s sound has been patiently, lovingly tended to. The band recorded Forever over the course of several two-day stints at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia, SC with Kenny McWilliams. Pucci raised money to make the album by taking a second job writing clickbait articles about storm chasing and frugal living.

Lead single “Beat Up Car” is a nostalgic indie rock confection. The song vividly recalls a time Pucci drove his jalopy, with 40s in tow, to a lake in a neighboring town. “Boy, did we burn out so fast” goes the chorus, as fuzzy guitars and atmospheric synths wash out the tightly focused vocal harmonies.

Forever has a natural timelessness to it, taking cues from dusty guitars of 70s studio rock, the ethereal keyboard tones of Beach House and Broadcast, and artful, Deerhunter-inspired vocal effects, giving the overall sound a darkly intoxicating and luxurious sheen.